Kuramathi excellent honeymoon destination

kuramathi41 I had booked one of the seashore villas presuming that the garden villas would be in a garden area, this isn’t so the villa we were put in was number 25, we couldn’t begin to see the sea and though several of the garden villas are right on the shore. There’s plenty to do, the spa treatments are excellent and the diving is astonishing. I would propose the upgrade to the ” Select all inclusive bundle” so that you are able to book any of the eateries to the Island included in the package. Staff are so helpful and friendly they really be certain that your stay is everything you could wish for.A fantastic getaway from city and work life. Stayed in the Water Villa in the resort 3 nights. Never felt so nicely rested and recharged compared to other holiday destinations I have already been to:) Would love to go back to Maldives!

kuramathi42Love lying in the villa deck to watch the dawn each morning and pay attention to the waves in the night.The crashing of the waves can be quite loud throughout the morning’s wee hours. You may want to contemplate the beach villa if you have a phobia that is little. You can find steps down in the villa into the clear waters should you’d like to take a dip. There are various expanse of beaches round the island for you yourself to soak up sunlight. Only lying is such a luxury. But in case you really need to take action, there are other tasks provided by the resort canoeing diving, island hopping, parasailing, spa & massage etc at your own price.

I like so you’ve got sufficient solitude, the various villas were well spread out over the island. And they did not pack the isle with lots of villas so you don’t get a feeling that it is over crowded with folks. Staff were helpful and friendly. Overall, it proved to be an amazing encounter.Contemplated booking the resort stay and air tickets etc individually but finally chose to book package (Singapore). Contains transport via sea plane to the resort, air travel on SIA, stay at the water villa and 3 meals a day. It proved to be a hassle free.

kuramathi43Loved, loved this island. It is beautiful along with the food to the island is excellent, lots to pick from:) drink options and would recommend the all inclusive package that is select, as it gives you excellent restaurant option. Snorkelling is out of this world. A week in Kuramathi is just what the doctor ordered after organising a wedding:)
This is the destination. Could not fault it. The island was as close to paradise as you may get, the staff were excellent, and the food was amazing. I did a try dive (which I highly recommend) and adored it so much I got my PADI. The marine life I saw was something to behold.However for me to pick holes in what was among the best holiday I’ve ever had would not be fair.If you’re fortunate to possess the opportunity to visit the Maldives then I highly recommend Kuramathi.
I would nevertheless strongly advise you pay an extra for an all inclusive package as the price of food and drink available is extortionate.

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