Getting There

There are direct flights to Male from the U.K. and these usually depart once a week with the large tour operators. First Choice, Thomas Cook and Monarch are to name but a few. These flights are ideal for your standard 7 and 14 night options but if you are looking for a twin centre or a different duration then airlines such as Emirates, Sri Lankan and Qatar offer flights almost daily. These types of flights do however involve a stopover.

Direct flying time from the U.K. to Male is approximately 10.5 hours.

There are Pro’s and Con’s for using the weekly charters versus the Daily scheduled flights and we have listed these below which may help you decide what is best for you.

Charters (direct flights)


  • Direct Flight all the way to Male
  • Arrive in Male mid/late morning
  • Usually a cheaper option


  • Only one upgrade class into premium economy
  • Long flight time with no break
  • Standard of aircraft may not be as good as the scheduled services

Scheduled (via a stopover)


  • Usually a better standard of flight
  • Upgrades available if required
  • Ideal for twin centre trips


  • Can take longer to destination
  • Occasionally increase the price of your package


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